First post

Thanks to the NSLI-Y scholarship, I will studying Hindi in Indore, Madhya Pradesh (central India) from July 2017 – May 2018! For the first 4 months I’ll live with a host family, and the last six months at the Emerald Heights International School. I’ve been facetiming with my family ( I have a younger sister and an older brother), and I can’t wait to meet them! My first stop is New York City, where I’ll attend orientation at LIU and meet the four other kids spending the year in Indore. After spending three days in New York, we’ll be on the 14 hour flight to Delhi, and then the 14 hour train ride to Indore. I plan on continuing to post on this blog throughout my year, so keep up! 🙂

I’ll send an update from India!

फिर मिलेंगे , Alice



Emerald Heights International School, where I’ll be going to school and living during second semester.


Here’s Indore on the map of India!

4 thoughts on “First post

  1. Alice!

    It’s all so very exciting. Congratulations on possessing the courage to be one of the best “risk-takers” I’ve seen here at King. You’re a special person and we will miss you dearly, but cannot wait to follow your adventurous journey. Best wishes for leaving your comfort zone 🙂 We’ll be thinking of you!

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